Spanish Speaking Journalist 


I was born in the Republic of Panama, and hold a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Columbus University in my country.

I moved to Las Vegas in 2008 where I have been involved with the Hispanic community, doing many things in communications.

Actually, I own two websites; (which focuses on news and activities around Las Vegas) and (where I offer Spanish communication services for people and companies).

I fell in love with journalism at age 13 and decided at this time that my goal would be to make it my profession.

My career, with the passage of the time has opened many doors for me, and brought me great satisfaction both professionally and personally.

I was a news anchor for two different channels in Panama for about 7 years. I made my first steps as a radio news announcer and then jumped straight into television. With these television stations, I had the opportunity to be a news presenter and host a live program.

After two years of being with my first station, I had the opportunity to work on another channel as a reporter, news anchor and host of a magazine style program that helped me further my career.

I had the opportunity to interview artists, important national and international figures.

I cannot ignore the commitment to my countrymen, so from United States, every week I do a column for a major newspaper in Panama.

My weekly Sunday column is called “Panameños en el Mundo,” where I focus on Panamanians that makes a difference abroad. I also won a 2012 Victoria Award in the category of “Best Human Interest Story,” for my weekly column.

As a journalist I love my profession, I like to interview personalities and know about successful stories.