Rosario Grajales
Spanish Speaking Journalist 

Rosario Grajales

Everything done in my native Spanish language 
80% of all the services are processed online

- Journalism

- Public Relations

- Blogs

- Mini-infomercials (testimonials and promotional videos)

- Translations (English - Spanish)

- Voice Overs

- Press releases

- Corporate Images

- Drafting of business materials for magazine, catalogs, published article, online publications (any topic), correction of text, in content and style

- Writing news, features, interviews, articles and supplements

- Writing speeches, biographies, brochures, summaries of shows, events or conference

- Moderator of government events, public and private celebrations

- Image for your business

-  Correspondent services for print, radio or television related to coverage
Work done quickly to suit your time frame and monetary budget.
Most services must be prepaid. Contact for details.